“Moral principles are sacrificed on the alter of convenience.” Great buzzwords! But buzzwords don’t require nor discuss any nuance. You’re trying to force your religious beliefs on others and accuse people who do not share your views another “type” of religion. You also imply that pregnancy and raising a child is simply “inconvenient”?? An abortion before viability is 14 times safer for the pregnant woman than bringing a pregnancy to term and childbirth.

Your flippant ‘truth’ of “if you get an abortion, you can eat it.” No discussion on the reasons why women receive abortions in these pithy little jokes that, of course, only men are making.

I think the biggest joke is that YOU don’t realize these comics are using the word ‘baby’ as a punchline. Most elective abortions occur before 13 weeks or less. You could try swaddling a fetus or embryo like “a baby”, but I don’t see it bonding with you. When you pretend there’s “a baby” at the beginning of pregnancy, you’re disregarding and dismissing all the physical work a woman’s body does to fully gestate a fetus to term and childbirth, when an ACTUAL baby is born.

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I'll grant that "baby" is an imprecise term, especially on the edges. Would you say that it's never appropriate to refer to a human embryo or fetus as a baby?

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You’re comparing cake batter to embryos? Okkaaaay

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